Looking for an “extremely safe and wonderful” vacation spot? Johns Hopkins Prof Recommends Syria

Glenn Schwartz, professor of archaeology, at the Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences in Baltimore says, “In reality, it’s extremely safe and wonderful to travel as an American in Syria.”

I suppose that’s if you like seeing thousands of civilians killed by the regime.

He also happened to forget to add that travelers surely better not reveal any evidence of having traveled to our ally Israel.

This is in the current issue of the Johns Hopkins Magazine, available at http://magazine.jhu.edu/2011/06/oh-the-places-they-go/.

The context of his assertion:

Schwartz calls Syria a “hidden gem” and suspects most Americans avoid traveling there because of safety concerns. He says those fears are mostly unfounded (though he does acknowledge that, given current political events in the Near East, the situation may be tense and uncertain for travel right now). “In reality, it’s extremely safe and wonderful to travel as an American in Syria.” Tourism infrastructure is bountiful, with hotels for every budget and many fine restaurants and historic sites, he adds. “Hospitality is important and Syrians are friendly, welcoming people.”

But perhaps Professor Schwartz can be excused — after all, the Hillary Clinton/John Kerry crowd that the academics revere was telling us until recently that Assad is a “reformer”, and other such nonsense.

Schwartz also adds sophisticated insight such as, “Don’t forget to pack: A hat and layers of clothing to protect against the sun.”

It’s a great article typifying the myopia and idiocy of so much of academia today, and particularly anything there relating to the mid-east.

And one to remember when your alma mater tries to tell you how worthy they are of your hard-earned financial contributions.


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